Drug Discov Ther. 2012;6(2):78-87. (DOI: 10.5582/ddt.2012.v6.2.78)

Synthesis, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and ulcerogenic properties of some novel N'-((1-(substituted amino)methyl)-2-oxoindolin-3-ylidene)-4-(2-(methyl/phenyl)-4-oxoquinazolin-3(4H)-yl)benzohydrazide derivatives.

Saravanan G, Alagarsamy V, Prakash CR


A new series of N'-((1-(substituted amino)methyl)-2-oxoindolin-3-ylidene)-4-(2-(methyl/phenyl)-4-oxoquinazolin-3(4H)-yl)benzohydrazide derivatives 4a-4l were designed and synthesized from anthranilic acid. All the synthesized compounds were characterized by spectroscopic means and elemental analyses. The tail-flick technique and the carrageenan-induced foot paw edema test were performed for screening analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity, respectively. All of the compounds were also examined for their ulcerogenicity. Some of the compounds showed significant activity. Among the test compounds, 4b exhibited 53% and 69% analgesic activity at a dose of 10 and 20 mg/kg, respectively. It also displayed 47% (10 mg/kg) and 65% (20 mg/kg) anti-inflammatory activity with one-fourth of ulcer index of the reference drugs diclofenac and aspirin.

KEYWORDS: Quinazolinone, isatin, schiff base, mannich base, analgesic, anti-inflammatory

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