Drug Discov Ther. 2010;4(2):85-92.

Formulation and bioavailability of controlled release salbutamol sulphate tablets using natural additives.

Nouh AT, Abd El-Gawad AH, Guda TK


Salbutamol sulphate granules and physical mixtures were prepared using mastic with various natural additives. The prepared granules and physical mixtures were examined using IR and DSC. The obtained results indicate that there is no interaction between salbutamol sulphate and the formulation ingredients used. The physical properties and release behavior of the formulated tablets prepared from granules and physical mixtures were evaluated and showed good physical properties. The rate of drug release from tablets prepared from granules was found to be lower than that prepared from physical mixtures at fixed mastic concentration and the same additive. The rate of drug release decreased with increased mastic concentration in formulated tablets. Pectin and sodium alginate allowed the best controlled release rate of the drug. On the basis of the results obtained from the controlled release studies, selected sulbutamol formulations were subjected to an in vivo comparison with commercial sulbutamol tablets. The pharmacokinetic parameters AUC0-24, Cmax, and Tmax of sulbutamol from the selected formulation were determined after administration of a single oral dose of 8 mg and compared statistically using an ANOVA test. There was no significant difference in the AUC0-24. On the other hand, there was a significant difference in the Cmax and Tmax between the commercial and the formulated tablets. These results demonstrate that the formulated tablets extended the time of the drug effect.

KEYWORDS: Salbutamol sulphate, natural additives, tablets, dissolution rate, in vivo studies

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