Drug Discov Ther. 2022;16(6):293-296. (DOI: 10.5582/ddt.2022.01075)

Membrane translocation of vinculin after UVA exposure facilitates melanosome trafficking

Yamamoto H, Tanaka C, Okada M, Sawaguchi Y, Yamada T


Skin pigmentation is among the defenses against ultraviolet (UV) radiation. During formation of skin pigmentation, melanosomes that are transported to the cell membrane and released are internalized by keratinocytes. We here examined whether vinculin, the origin of actin fibers, is involved in this intracellular transport of melanosomes by using melanocytes with suppressed vinculin expression. Using fluorescence immunostaining, the migration of vinculin to the cell membrane due to exposure to 365-nm LED light was examined. The intracellular distribution of melanosomes after irradiation was weighted toward the pericellular region compared with non-irradiated cells. With the suppression of vinculin expression, the amount of extracellularly released melanin decreased. We conclude that the membrane migration of vinculin after UVA exposure is involved in the intracellular transport of melanosomes.

KEYWORDS: vinculin, melanocyte, melanosome trafficking, actin filament, ultraviolet

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