Drug Discov Ther. 2009;3(2):77-82.

Gaps in the information shared on consumer healthcare products.

Hayashi M, Sengoku S, Hoshi S, Kimura H


We conducted a questionnaire survey of visitors to the Japan Drugstore Show 2006 and an additional questionnaire survey of pharmacists in 2008 to ascertain the current information gaps between consumers and manufacturers of consumer healthcare products (CHPs). Three main gaps were apparent: first was a gap between information that consumers wanted to receive and information that was widely disclosed by manufacturers of CHPs, second was a gap between the advisors whom consumers regarded as appropriate and the advisors who consumers had actually consulted, and a gap between what consumers expect pharmacists to know and pharmacists' actual knowledge. Manufacturers' efforts alone will not be able to close these gaps because of the number of regulations. Thus, a new social system should be constructed to supply adequate information on CHPs and consumers should enjoy free access to this information.

KEYWORDS: Consumer healthcare product, information sharing, gap

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