Drug Discov Ther. 2007;1(1):1.

Sekimizu K Editor-in-Chief


In the 21st century, mankind is faced with the previously unseen reality of aging societies. Developed countries have a strong social need for the development of advanced medical technology, including the establishment of treatment for diseases affecting the elderly, such as cancer and metabolic syndrome. Meanwhile, in other parts of the world, many people are struggling with war and poverty and face the threats of starvation and infection. Given this complex situation, the role played by technological development in the field of medicine is of great significance. In addition, the 21st century may belong to Asia, which has gained significant global recognition due to its rapid economic development. Accordingly, greater expectations have been placed on the role played by Asian researchers. However, research conducted in Asia has been criticized for its tendency to follow research conducted in Western countries. Therefore, development of original world-class research is urgently required in Asia. Journals provide researchers with valuable opportunities to present their research findings. With the cooperation of my close friends Dr. Wei Tang and Dr. Munehiro Nakata, I decided to participate in the launch of Drug Discovery and Therapeutics with the objective of contributing to the advancement of pharmaceutical research in Asia. This journal will cover not only laboratory science related to drug discovery, but also the broad field of social pharmacy. Submission of highly original articles that contribute to pharmaceutical sciences will be welcomed. I sincerely hope that Drug Discovery and Therapeutics will contribute to the field of pharmaceutical sciences as an esteemed journal for researchers in Asia and worldwide.


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